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Producer. Songwriter. Artist.

Since releasing his “shimmering” electro-soul record ‘Hold Up’ in 2018, songwriter-producer Maximo (a.k.a. Mitch Pattugalan) has been working on various projects both in Australia & abroad. 2018 saw the vocalist & keys player spend some time in Los Angeles, where he secured a spot at Ableton’s Loop Summit for Music Makers. He recently composed the score for the short film ‘Wonderland’ (Artisan Studios 2019), and continues to write & record from his studio in Brisbane. Currently producing for a number of talented artists, Maximo is passionate about returning to his solo project, where he is excited to share some of his more recent R&B-infused grooves.

“Brisbane based artist Maximo continues to establish himself as one of the country’s most exciting and dynamic emerging R&B acts.” – HappyMag

“Gold Coast songwriter, producer, vocalist and keys player, Maximo has consolidated his reputation for original R&B and hip hop… Both in the studio and live, his music is entertaining and engaging, with his live band bringing their own flavour to the songs with an acute sense of musicality.” – J. Ryan-Allen, BlankGC

Beginning in the industry as a keyboardist and backing vocalist in various corporate cover ensembles, Mitch has been lucky enough to perform and collaborate with some of Queensland’s finest live musicians, especially those in the funk, R&B and soul circuits. A need to bring his distinctive studio sound to the stage led him to devise a live show that would bring these two worlds together – a combination of sampling, triggering & live-looping, with traditionally solid grooves played by a live rhythm section. This unique skill set led to him touring nationally as a musical director in this capacity, and showcasing at the Electronic Music Conference in Sydney.

As a songwriter & producer, Mitch works closely with artists to create quality releases and recordings, writing & producing songs in a range of genres from his studio in Brisbane. His experience within the music industry is diverse and also includes film score composition, audio engineering, lecturing & musical mentoring.

“Why ‘Maximo’? It’s my middle name, and the name of my grandfather before me. An incentive to keep my story grounded in reality. I’m just a guy who fell in love with music at a very young age…then basketball, then music, then girls, then music again; so…who knows what’s next.”

Right now I’m listening to:

Burna Boy
Tory Lanez

“Music is an amazing creative outlet. I’m blessed to be able to do this for a living.”


For the love

I’ve been trying to think of something profound and artsy to say in this section;

…the quintessential sentence that sums up who I am, what I do & what I believe.  The fact is, I’m not good at saying it how it is.  I’ve got music for that.  Which I guess really is the point I’m trying to make. With every beat, a chance to say the words I dare not speak. With every note and chord and harmony, a new story.  Tales of girls and The Girl, late night ambition & dreams, while true feelings and monsters sleep silent beneath.  Drum sounds are borrowed, but I’ll give them back, and then some, I promise.  Samples are exactly that.  Windows into worlds already formed, which help me create mine.  Driven by the intangibles – creativity, passion, love – whose value isn’t measured in dollars & cents, but rather in spades.  I’m the kind of guy who writes lyrics in the shower and melodies on the beach.  The guy who remains parked in his own driveway until the song finishes.  Who, on the dancefloor, notices harmonies before he notices gorgeous girls.  Well, sometimes.

I’m just a boy who plays keys.  But you can judge for yourself…

Maximo about img


Thanks @blank_gc for including ‘Hold Up’ in your summer edition!! Nice to see some familiar faces there too!……

About a year ago from Maximo’s Twitter via Twitter Web Client


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