Supporting Allday

Super excited to be supporting Allday this Thursday for Griffith Uni O-Week!! Got a bunch of new tracks and a brand new live show for you guys, stick around to catch local acts Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell & Gill Bates.

UPDATE* Tickets are now sold out!! Can’t wait to party with all of you who got your hands on one!
18+ Event

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Supporting Jhenè Aiko

So thrilled to be accompanying the talented Vanessa Elisha as the opening act for Jhene Aiko!! We’ll be performing at her sideshow in Sydney, can’t wait!

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Airbnb Vibes.

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And finally SUNDAY:

So by the time we packed down, got Maccas, debriefed, etc. we ended up getting to bed at about 5.30am. A solid 3 hours of sleep later and it’s time to wake up and get ready for another 9am start in the studio. I was asked to engineer and run the session. It was a really cool experience getting to track to tape as well as having an assortment of gear at our disposal – U67, vintage keyboards and instruments, etc.). Basement recording at it’s finest!

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After a quick feed and a power nap, we left the studio and headed off to our gig in Brisbane City. Our set was 10pm – 2am, full 6-piece band set at the Flying Cock. I’d never played at the venue before, but it was huge, great sound, full house & a young crowd who loved the tunes. Ended up being such a fun gig. This pic seems to sum up the night best. Funk faces all round.

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#KeysPlayer#FunkFaces #BetterLateThanNever#SuchAnAwkwardVenueNameToTellYourFriends

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9am – 6pm

I was invited to bring two songs that I had written into the studio as part of @vin__stagram_ ’s Motown Soul Project, where we would arrange and record the tracks with a full live band comprising some of Brisbane’s most soulful musicians. This was a really great experience and heaps of fun jamming out some different grooves and ideas with the guys. Loved the focus on strong songwriting and musicality – so cool to see your song come to life in a matter of moments!

#Songwriter #Artist #Motown #Soul #Project#Kawai #1968 #Upright #Piano 

#RealLove#Masterpiece #MyposturecouldbebetterwhenImjamming

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Studio session with vocalist @madelinemeywes . After working with her on various projects, Maddy came in to the studio for her very first original recording. Very exciting and a lot of fun to work with her to develop some unique ideas. She’s got a great voice, it’ll be awesome to hear the finished product!

#Studio #Session #Repost #MadelineMeywes #PopRnb #Sampling

#VocalCuts #Choppednscrewed #AbletonPush #Havingfunwithmytoys

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Rehearsal for rnb artist Vanessa Elisha’s upcoming live shows. I’m really looking forward to helping Vanessa bring some of her studio tracks to the stage. She’s a very talented songwriter and artist, so it’s been a lot of fun arranging a show that brings the best of her studio recordings and mixes it with a new live intensity. We add some keys, do some live looping & switch it up with some covers here and there, and of course Vanessa will do her amazing thing. Can’t wait to show you guys!

#Rehearsal #LiveShow #VanessaElisha #rnb #Artist#Songwriter 

#SwitchItUp #AbletonPush#GirlCanSing #IllPresstheButtonsThough

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Who needs sleep anyway…

Wow what a big weekend of music! Back to back sessions really pushing my capacity as an arranger, producer, songwriter, artist, keys player and engineer. Not a lot of sleep in between times, but immensely rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I’ve said it before, but I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. It makes me genuinely happy to see so many of my friends and loved ones pursuing the things that they’re truly passionate about. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Go get it!

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Review: Blank GC

Fresh from producer/musician Maximo in his new single Hesitate.

An introspective track with an intriguing beat, Hesitate mixes an old school R&B vibe with modern sounds to create something that manages to feel new and leave a feeling of nostalgia at the same time.

Hesitate is the newest single from Maximo since his 2013 album Next Level and shows how well he has fine-tuned his sound in the last two years. The song also showcases Maximo’s work as a producer not only a musician.

With smooth melodies flowing through the track we are excited to see what else this Gold Coast artist has planned for 2015.

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Interview: Blank GC

A huge thanks to Blank GC for featuring me in this month’s edition of their magazine!! Check out the interview below, or at:

Gold Coast songwriter, producer, vocalist and keys player, Maximo has consolidated his reputation for original R&B and hip hop with his new single Hesitate.

The single is atmospheric and dynamic and provides a great new perspective for Maximo who is no stranger to the party anthem. Both in the studio and live his music is entertaining and engaging, with his live band bringing their own flavour to the songs with an acute sense of musicality. Whether it’s a night out or a night in Hesitate has got you covered. Jessie Ryan-Allen caught up with Maximo to get the scoop on Hesitate and his musical evolution.

Hesitate has a very distinctive sound and atmosphere. What kind of landscapes (in nature or otherwise) do you find inspiring?

It’s definitely different to any track I’ve made in the past. I actually wrote this song late one night driving home from a party, so in this case it was inspired by the surroundings on the way – imagine lonely streetlights in a cold, eerie fog.  Otherwise, I usually draw more from personal experiences and emotions.

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Review: Sounds of Oz

Thanks so much, Sounds of Oz! Check out their site to keep up to date with some of our homegrown talent!

“Bands like The Go-Betweens, The Saints, Powderfinger, and The Butterfly Effect helped cement Queensland’s reputation as the perfect breeding ground for rock bands. However, lately the Sunshine State is punching well above its weight when it comes to R&B music. Generally Australia doesn’t produce a lot of these artists, but acts like Bec Laughton, Travis Lee, and now Maximo are breaking the mould.

Maximo’s just hit the scene with his debut single “Hesitate.” It’s got some sexy lyrics and really interesting instrumentation. Noting that Maximo produced the track himself makes it all the more impressive.”

– See more at:


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Review: All Unsigned

Thanks All Unsigned!!

Maximo’s debut single ‘Hesitate‘ is an introspective track that highlights an inner conflict we all sometimes face – a resistance to the heart’s desires. Produced by Maximo himself, ‘Hesitate’ uses atmospheric textures to set the tone, with an undeniable hip hop groove at the heart.

Stream the Gritty, alternative R&B single below, which some may say is reminiscent of The Weeknd.”

Maximo Debuts Self-Produced R&B Single Stream ‘Hesitate’

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Thanks heaps GUMBALLmag!! Check out this week’s issue and their review of my new single, ‘Hesitate’:

Good morning and hello Week 74! Our new set of squares are up on right now featuring ADAM KASTURI, Leo Ari, Maximo, Levi’s, H&M, and more!

Another amazing Australian artist recently debuted some serious talent and this time it is by producer/ songwriter/ vocalist/ keys player Mitch Pattugalan aka Maximo. The artist from the sunny city of Brisbane just released a brand new single titled Hesitate, check it out below!

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New Music Release: ‘Hesitate’

Here it is!! My brand new single, ‘Hesitate’, available now for FREE download on Soundcloud! This track is probably more honest than anything I’ve released before. Check it out!
A big thanks to @sorryyourenotawinner & @krisdotp for the awesome photography and design.

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So my brand new single comes out on Monday. Exciting.
#Hesitate #newmusic #rnb #hiphop #artist #music #release #Feb2

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Coming soon…


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They’re Here!!

So excited to hear that my very first batch of albums have arrived. I’m really happy with how they came out, all the hard work has really paid off!

At the beginning of the year I made the decision, if you’re going to do something, do it right, and I’d like to think this album is a reflection of this approach. It felt good to hold the first copy in my hand knowing that I had been involved in every aspect from start to finish – every note, lyric, harmony, design – I know this thing back to front, and I’m proud of what we’ve put together. That’s why I’m so excited about sharing it with you guys!

For hard copies contact:

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