And finally SUNDAY:

So by the time we packed down, got Maccas, debriefed, etc. we ended up getting to bed at about 5.30am. A solid 3 hours of sleep later and it’s time to wake up and get ready for another 9am start in the studio. I was asked to engineer and run the session. It was a really cool experience getting to track to tape as well as having an assortment of gear at our disposal – U67, vintage keyboards and instruments, etc.). Basement recording at it’s finest!

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After a quick feed and a power nap, we left the studio and headed off to our gig in Brisbane City. Our set was 10pm – 2am, full 6-piece band set at the Flying Cock. I’d never played at the venue before, but it was huge, great sound, full house & a young crowd who loved the tunes. Ended up being such a fun gig. This pic seems to sum up the night best. Funk faces all round.

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9am – 6pm

I was invited to bring two songs that I had written into the studio as part of @vin__stagram_ ’s Motown Soul Project, where we would arrange and record the tracks with a full live band comprising some of Brisbane’s most soulful musicians. This was a really great experience and heaps of fun jamming out some different grooves and ideas with the guys. Loved the focus on strong songwriting and musicality – so cool to see your song come to life in a matter of moments!

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#RealLove#Masterpiece #MyposturecouldbebetterwhenImjamming

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Studio session with vocalist @madelinemeywes . After working with her on various projects, Maddy came in to the studio for her very first original recording. Very exciting and a lot of fun to work with her to develop some unique ideas. She’s got a great voice, it’ll be awesome to hear the finished product!

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#VocalCuts #Choppednscrewed #AbletonPush #Havingfunwithmytoys

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Rehearsal for rnb artist Vanessa Elisha’s upcoming live shows. I’m really looking forward to helping Vanessa bring some of her studio tracks to the stage. She’s a very talented songwriter and artist, so it’s been a lot of fun arranging a show that brings the best of her studio recordings and mixes it with a new live intensity. We add some keys, do some live looping & switch it up with some covers here and there, and of course Vanessa will do her amazing thing. Can’t wait to show you guys!

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#SwitchItUp #AbletonPush#GirlCanSing #IllPresstheButtonsThough

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Who needs sleep anyway…

Wow what a big weekend of music! Back to back sessions really pushing my capacity as an arranger, producer, songwriter, artist, keys player and engineer. Not a lot of sleep in between times, but immensely rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I’ve said it before, but I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. It makes me genuinely happy to see so many of my friends and loved ones pursuing the things that they’re truly passionate about. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Go get it!

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Who is this Maximo guy?

I’ve been trying to think of something profound and artsy to say in this section…

…the quintessential sentence that sums up who I am, what I do & what I believe.  The fact is, I’m not good at saying it how it is.  I’ve got music for that.  Which I guess really is the point I’m trying to make. With every beat, a chance to say the words I dare not speak. With every note and chord and harmony, a new story.  Tales of girls and The Girl, late night ambition & dreams, while true feelings and demons lie dormant beneath.  Drum sounds are borrowed, but I’ll give them back, and then some, I promise.  Samples are exactly that.  Windows into worlds already formed, which help me create mine.  Snapbacks and kicks, they remind you of this, but take them away and still I remain. Driven by the intangibles – creativity, passion, love – whose value isn’t measured in dollars & cents, but rather in spades.  I’m the kind of guy who writes lyrics in the shower and melodies on the beach.  The guy who remains parked in his own driveway until the song finishes.  Who, on the dancefloor, notices harmonies before he notices gorgeous girls.  Well, sometimes.

I’m just a boy who plays keys.  But you can judge for yourself…

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