Interview: The Spotlight with Brittney Shawntè

A massive thanks to Brittney Shawnte of the Spotlight for this artist feature! Check out the interview below:

“This is probably the most features I’ve done in one given week! Keeping me busy, but I’m truly honored to be able to do it. As always, if you are or represent an upcoming star in the entertainment industry (music, fashion, writing, etc.), please visit ourFeatures/Submissions page for more information on how to be featured! 

Last month, I featured Australian-based R&B producer/artistMaximo’s track “Hesitate,” which I loved so much! So glad I had the opportunity to ask him some questions about his journey in music. Maximo grew up in a very creative family filled with singers, dancers, poets, designers and more. His own father is a self-taught pianist who Maximo looked to for inspiration. “As a kid, I would listen to him play and then sneak up afterwards and try to copy what he did,” the artist said.

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Review: The Spotlight

A big thanks to Brittany of The Spotlight for the review!


Got a new track, “Hesitate” from Australian R&B producer/artist, Maximo!

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Maximo released the track, which he describes as “gritty, alternative R&B reminiscent of The Weeknd and August Alsina. With a different mix blending R&B and hip hop, the track details hesitation within a relationship on both ends, in fear of that vulnerability of opening up to another person.

Check out the dope track below!

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Can’t wait for everything 2015 holds. 2 weeks in and I’m already flat out! Great projects, great artists – it’s gonna be unreal. My debut single drops later this month, keep an eye out..

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Photography by @sorryyourenotawinner

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Vocal workshop with Robert Raab Stevenson

Today’s vocal workshop with @robertraab Stevenson, vocal coach to Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Kelly Rowland, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson & MANY more. So lucky to have gotten some tips and advice from such a respected figure in the game.
Spent the day soaking up wisdom from him and Aussie engineer Peter Moses (Will.I.Am, Michael Jackson, Usher). Both incredibly skilled at their craft and really down to earth guys too. If you don’t know, check ’em out!

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New snaps

Late night photoshoot with the talented @sorryyourenotawinner. So stoked with the shots we captured for my upcoming single, can’t wait to show you guys!!

#photoshoot #photographer #music #artist #rnb#hiphop #newsingle #Hesitate#lightingiseverything

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Hi there

Welcome to the brand new website!! Shout out to @degreesabovezero for making it happen. Got a lot in store for you guys over the next little while, stay tuned!

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Who is this Maximo guy?

I’ve been trying to think of something profound and artsy to say in this section…

…the quintessential sentence that sums up who I am, what I do & what I believe.  The fact is, I’m not good at saying it how it is.  I’ve got music for that.  Which I guess really is the point I’m trying to make. With every beat, a chance to say the words I dare not speak. With every note and chord and harmony, a new story.  Tales of girls and The Girl, late night ambition & dreams, while true feelings and demons lie dormant beneath.  Drum sounds are borrowed, but I’ll give them back, and then some, I promise.  Samples are exactly that.  Windows into worlds already formed, which help me create mine.  Snapbacks and kicks, they remind you of this, but take them away and still I remain. Driven by the intangibles – creativity, passion, love – whose value isn’t measured in dollars & cents, but rather in spades.  I’m the kind of guy who writes lyrics in the shower and melodies on the beach.  The guy who remains parked in his own driveway until the song finishes.  Who, on the dancefloor, notices harmonies before he notices gorgeous girls.  Well, sometimes.

I’m just a boy who plays keys.  But you can judge for yourself…

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